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Originally Posted by Darkstorne

Yeah, I'd expect that too. I guess that depends on whether they consider the Reapers a part of the Shepard arc, or a core part of Mass Effect's universe itself. But unless they adopt the indoctrination theory (which seems unlikely) they're probably better off leaving them behind with Shepard.

Look at it like narrative baggage. Even if Reapers are considered part of the "Mass Effect universe" the moment they become a staple of a new narrative they will by association drag in context of events of the trilogy. The vibe I've gotten from gossip is all that stuff is dead and buried. If fans aren't happy, that's an issue within itself, but Andromeda is all about starting anew in the same way that Mass Effect 1 was a fresh experience.

Originally Posted by Sou Da

Only new bits from the GI podcast btw:

Asari Doctors are on the Human Ark

Behemoths are on most planets

I assume Behemoths are those high level enemies mentioned?

Weird about the Asari doctors. But whatever.