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If it's a tighter variation of Mass Effect 3's combat it should be fine. Pausing was obviously absent from the multiplayer, yet despite its clumsiness it felt really, really good to play.

Ehhhh... in ME3 multi you had a limited ability set and only had to worry about yourself. I can't imagine trying to queue up squad orders and movements without pausing, or playing a class like the Engineer where you've got a lot of plates in the air. I still hope there's a miscommunication somewhere.

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Why this needs to be a thing at all?

So that I get even more out of my time with it. Gonna be ULTRA HYPE.

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How do you explore the Andromeda galaxy without Mass Relays? Kind of a nit-pick, but it was one of the major technologies in the previous games. Reaper technology guided the development of every species. It was kind of fundamental to the lore of the game.

You're not exploring all of Andromeda in this one, just one (large) star cluster. Easily manageable distances.

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We don't know yet.

If only there was a special day to talk about it or something. Like a Mass Effect day.

They did tell us tho