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Originally Posted by Lister

Remind me, how does FTL travel work in ME again?

I thought only the relays could do what is essentially instanteneous travel, right? But eezo could also do FTL, just not as fast?

Or maybe it's teleportation or some type of space folding with the relays and FTL with eezo.

How fast without the relays through, Interstellar space is vast. Andromed ais over 2.5 million light years away.

So even at the ludicrous 1,000 times the speed of light and ignoring all other issue swith that, including speed upa and slow down time, we're talking over 2.5 millenia to get there.

Everythign from the descrition sound srelaly good though. Hype rising.

Standard Citadel FTL drives can do 15LY/day, or about ~5000c. For a sci fi comparison that's somewhere around warp nine point something.

Presumably, they found a fix for the static buildup problem.