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The conversation with Sovereign is better written than anything that takes place in 2 or 3, the series never managed to reach that height ever again, in fact the series actually ended up retconning Sovereign's excellent dialogue in the sequels.

I know it's a controversial opinion, but I find the combat of ME1 while unquestionably jank as fuck, to be more interesting than any of the encounters in 2/3. Playing a shitty gears of war clone is not exactly what got me interested in the series, I might agree with you if there wasn't SO much of the same repetitive combat it in 2/3, to the point where level design became exclusively linear, funneling you through hour long sub-par TPS levels until you can get to the next piece of story. I feel like an encounter in ME1 could play out in many different ways depending on your choices, I remember outsmarting my enemies and getting myself out of tricky situations, where in 2/3 I just remember one infinite loop of take cover, shoot repeat ad nausieum, and the abilities didn't really change that, the game still played the exact same as a different class.

It's worth mentioning, I've replayed ME1 3 times, twice on 360 and once on PC years later, and I would definitely say it wasn't until I played it with a mouse and keyboard where I actually found myself thoroughly enjoying the combat, which blew me away at the time, as I always thought (like most of you) that ME1's combat was irredeemable trash, to find myself enjoying it was pretty surreal, I even ended up doing a lot of the combat-heavy side quests purely for the fun of it. Having every ability on a hotkey definitely felt like it was the intended way to play it, to the point where I'm shocked I even beat it in the first place, the way it plays on a controller feels terrible and stifles improvisation.

ME1's combat is irredeemable trash and I've only ever played it on PC the several times I did.