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People called Romanes they go the house?
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Originally Posted by Jibbajabbawockky

I'd take, like, 3 or 4 really well written and involved ones as opposed to the dozens they're seemingly tossing in here. I generally am ok with BioWare romances and stuff but even I'm feeling that they're kind of going overboard.

One thing Bioware's been pretty great on is the inclusiveness model in terms of providing romances to multiple orientations.

but at the same time, I kind of echo this sentiment, at least insofar as the worry of being stretched thin or over-emphasized. That being said, whether a romance (or any story beat, really) is 'good' is subjective. It really depends on how much of a focus of any one specific NPC's 'character arc' is, and how well conveyed things are.

I think they're trying to make planets bigger and more open, and having something as powerful as vehicle weapons would restrict their encounter design.

Understandable (to a point) from a gameplay perspective, but it's literally uncharted would that ever be considered 'okay' from an in-universe narrative standpoint?

And even to the 'point' of game-balance reasons, that still feels like it's an idea that Bioware just didn't want/couldn't make work, so they scrapped it.

Admittedly, I haaaaated the Hammerhead not having any weapons, even though it was way faster than the mako - but some of that may be due to the relative linearity of the Hammerhead sequences compared to the physics defying beast that was the mako.

I spent the whole time I was in the Mako wanting to get out.

Heh. I just got out at when the enemy had a sliver of health left in order to get more xp.