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Everything sounds great except the combat wheel disappearing. Not a fan of that bit.

It is definitely the worst but it is still a great game IMO.

Oh, sure. Started my love for the franchise. But people need to stop putting it on a pedestal.

Originally Posted by Kayhan

YOU need to stop.

Fall back, shooter guys.

ME1 was a shooter too, just a shit one with a bunch of godawful RPG mechanics bolted on. I liked the story and the writing, but the other two games (especially 3) massively improved on everything else.

Originally Posted by TheLostBigBoss

No, it had the worst combat in the series, but the best atmosphere, tone, characters and insividual story, as well as actual role playing.

-Atmosphere: debatable. ME2 had a fantastic atmosphere.

-Tone: so subjective I can't even. The other games have different tones, not inferior ones.

-Characters: definitively wrong. Wrex was great, Ashley had her moments, everybody else was mediocre as fuck. ME2 crew was a massive improvement in every way.

-Story: if by this you mean "main plot," then sure. ME2 and ME3 had better sub-plots, though. Nothing touches Raioch and Tuchanka, or the ME2 squad missions.

-Roleplaying: you do this in all three games, and the RPG mechanics (i.e. skills, loadouts) are at their strongest in 3, so idk about that.