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George Oscar Bluth II
(11-07-2016, 08:43 PM)

BioWare did not want to repeat having things like mineral nodes and multiple identical outposts scattered across planets
-Points of interest include combat encounters, puzzles, narrative beats etc on planets

Paging ThoseDeafMutes.

-Scanning and discovering these things also allows you to obtain blueprints to craft weapons and armor for yourself
-You can create a wide array of items, not just ammo types and weapon mods, items that haven't been seen before in the Milky Way (thanks to new alien tech)

Oh great... crafting.

-Peebee: Asari squadmate shown in previous footage.

I can tell she's gonna be annoying just from the name.

Went off on her own after arriving on the Nexus and described as having a "bubbly personality". She's smart and not concerned with social norms and "niceties".

Yep, another annoying Asari. Yay.