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Thank GOD.
This though....especially the 'access to all trees' stuff....does not seem like it bodes well for any sort of defined role-based replayability if you can swap on the fly.

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I'm not sure about the class system being gone. Sound less RPG focused.

I have similar concerns. I suppose one could just stick to the two-tree limitation and refuse to respec, though. Would be nice if it was a coded gameplay option, I have terrible self control and I just know I would be unable to resist swapping constantly.

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Also, didn't consoles already have 3 (I think?) 'no pause/hotkey' power use buttons already?

Or am I remembering incorrectly?

Three had a number of abilities specced to buttons, but I think there were more than could fit, so the wheel was still a thing. Hope they don't remove tactical pause entirely.

Actually, I'm not sure how squad orders would work without it, so I think it's likely still in. Hopefully.