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(07-23-2016, 12:46 PM)
I've never read a Batgirl comic so I have no idea how she's characterized there but in this movie it's a mess. This first 30 minutes is a completely different story that has nothing to do with the Killing Joke, while the remaining 45 minutes is a faithful adaptation of the comic.

The first 30 minutes revolves around Batgirl, Batman, and a stereotypical Italian Mafia. Batgirl is supposedly a working professional at the library who appears to fight crime in order to gain Daddy's, i mean, Batman's attention. Instead of a mature adult woman superhero, she comes across as a rebellious, hormonal teenager longing to be noticed by a man. So much so, that when Batman ignores her she seems to be slightly intrigued by a criminal Mafia's son who outwardly shows his affection for her and leads her into traps which Daddy, I mean, Batman gets her out of. To top it all off, Batgirl is constantly prodded by her stereotypical gay coworker about her lack of dating life, while Batgirl drops hints about a man in her life (Batman).

Batman the entire time shows no emotion whatsoever. After Batman saves Batgirl, Batman reprimands her. I kid you not, the argument sounds like it's between a Father and his disobedient teenage daughter. They get into a fight, Batman easily dodges all her moves until the last kick which Batman catches, but Batgirl flips him on his back and she lands on top of him. Batgirl breathing hard looks him in his eyes and then starts passionately kissing him. She then takes her mask off, then her shirt off, and they have sex. This scene feels so forced.

Afterwards Batman becomes a player, and never calls Batgirl again. And Batgirl is all clingy and needs a pep talk from her gay co worker to call him. LOL

This story is executed so bad and adds nothing to The Killing Joke. Not to say fleshing out Barbara's past as Batgirl couldn't have worked, because it could but they handled it so goddamn awful I'm surprised it actually made it into the film. If anything they could've used this time to flesh out Barbara and her Father's relationship to add more stakes when the Joker comes to visit and does his thing.

Also the ending, which is faithful to the comic, does not translate well at all in this film. However it's nowhere near as bad as the first 30 minutes. They were better off never making the 30 minutes and only making the remaining 45 minutes of this film.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts, and hopefully keep your expectations in check. Anybody else seen this yet?