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(06-28-2014, 07:31 AM)
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Originally Posted by EBreda

Can't wait for it!!

Oh, and all this 1080p H2A campaign thing... please just stop. It's not like they're stealth releasing the game on the market while falsely advertising something.

343 have been quite explicit with all the talking so far. And I honestly can not bring myself to believe ANYONE would skip the collection because of the sub 1080 res on one of the trillion games/modes/maps they're shipping.

It's without a doubt the most comprehensive collection anyone could expect out of 343. Most people would be nuts for H2A only.. to have that PLUS everything else for the price of a regular game is just nuts.

My man. Well said. Seriously, with all that we now know about this incredible collection of games that we are getting for $60 (SIXTY!!! I still can't believe that), something like the possible resolution of one part of it isn't very high on my list of things. I'm just really excited to experience all the campaigns again on my xbox one.