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(06-25-2014, 03:37 PM)
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Originally Posted by hooijdonk17

It's not about lying to me personally, it's that the information given on stage with a confident smile was purposefully wrong. If you take an issue with me calling that a lie, I'm sorry, but then maybe it shouldn't have been said. Regardless, I do not wish to beat this horse any further. I think H2A should look better in many regards, not just resolutionwise, considering it's running on 2013 hardware, and I hope and trust you will make that happen considering what you did with H4 on 360. I will reserve further bitching until I see the end result.

The reason I actually replied was, however, to thank you for Steve Vai. I truly appreciate it. I'm also humbled that you would actually note my concern about the game music to personally reply to it, as well as taking the time to clear things up about IQ while retaining more civility than I tend to when posting online. I appreciate it, and even if it sounds otherwise, I hope you do the best of jobs with the MCC.

Really man? Purposefully?