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(06-25-2014, 09:24 AM)
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Originally Posted by Stinkles

1. All MP will be 1080p, 60fps, including H2 and H2 anniversary.
2. There's a chance that H2 Anniversary campaign could run at a different resolution to accommodate the second frame buffer. But the intent is to overcome that hurdle.
3. The H2 Anniversary graphics are from relatively early WIP.

Exactly 1080p60fps for multiplayer is the priority. Make the campaign for h2a as pretty as you can even if its 792-900p, as long as it looks amazing and has good aa. I'm hoping that the Halo 5 campaign will be 30fps just to see what the system is truly capable of. That third point tho.... early WIP? It already looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see the recent build then.