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Originally Posted by Bsigg12

Well we'll play it in December.

Are we really going to start this again?

Wait until we see it
Wait until we play it
Wait until they fix it
Wait until they replace it

How about we break the cycle?

Originally Posted by GavinGT

I think you're jumping to conclusions. Maybe everyone has these new "Spartan abilities" at all times.

It doesn't matter who has what, the very existence of sprint or jetpack breaks the game.

And the trailer quite clearly stated "new spartan abilities" and showed sprinting, jetpacking and a possible cover mechanic. Disgusting.

Originally Posted by speakerlog

Seriously? They will never get rid of armour abilities so you might as well just accept them.

And thus the series will continue to decline.

Originally Posted by speakerlog

To be honest I've found them to be a great addition from the start.

I'm sorry but you are a small minority in the overall playerbase which is quite clearly evident in the player retention of Halo 4 compared to Halo 3.