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(06-09-2014, 08:13 PM)
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Master UI

343 executive producer Dan Ayoub followed up the presentation to showcase Halo 2's shiny new campaign in this HD package. "We can do more than just give you four Halo games," he said, "We can give you a brand new way to play it." He referenced "Netflix binging," which seems like an incredibly accurate way to describe it. While flipping through the master UI, he explains that everything—campaign and multiplayer—is unlocked from the start, giving you the ability to skip around as you see fit. "You can set your difficulty level, you can activate skulls, it lets you customize your gameplay quite a bit before you just jump into it and start going," Ayoub said.

Multiplayer in this master UI is broken down by gameplay type. They showed Team Slayer up on the screen, and how you can choose from a variety of Team Slayer options from here. On this selection, there are a couple from Halo 2 and one from Halo 3. When you, or your lobby of fellow players, makes a decision, the game will launch the original engine of whichever one you picked.

Though you can't pick your own mission setlists, you can still set up custom multiplayer matches for any of the Halo titles available.

Cannot wait!!! One more chance to relive the Halo Glory Days!!!