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(06-09-2014, 08:09 PM)
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Originally Posted by TheAdmiester

It's not three separate games, you all matchmake together, then the map from a game comes up and it loads you all into that game. The only separation is for each match.

That's probably the worst decision I've ever heard. Has anyone at 343 actually played a Halo game before? Do they not understand there are significant differences in the core gameplay between all the games? Going from how a Halo 2 BR operates to how a Halo 3 BR operates after a single game (and then going back again) is going to be jarring as fuck. 343 should have stuck with one game having online multiplayer.

Edit: And that's just one thing. There are so many differences between gametypes and gameplay across all the games it's insane to list them all....